As much as it pains me to get out and walk, I am learning that (at least in my metagame) that a solid infantry tarpit is a very useful thing to have. Folks paying attention to my recent ramblings will recognize this as an adaptation of my 1750 list. The objective is to have the option of a 40 man tar pit or two 20 man blobs, while still fielding a respectable mechanized element. A difference in this list is that the CCS stays in the backfield for order support for the blob.


CCS: Lascannon, Camo Cloaks, Officer of the Fleet (Screw you deep striking space hippies!), Regimental Standard.


Vet Squad: 3x Melta, Chimera
Vet Squad: 3x Melta, Chimera
Vet Squad: 3x Plasma, Chimera (for roasting the gooey insides of cracked transports)

Infantry Platoon
PCS: 4x Melta, Chimera, Krak Grenades
IS: Lascannon, Melta (Tank shock insurance)
IS: Lascannon, Flamer (Welcome Wagon gift for neighborhood drop pods)
IS: Lascannon, Flamer
IS: Lascannon, Flamer, Commissar PW

Fast Attack

Hellhound: Hull MM
Hellhound: Hull MM

Heavy Support

Hydra Battery (2) (Skimmer Swatter)
Hydra Battery (2)
Demolisher: Hull HF (Scary Bullet Sink)

Since this is intended for tournament play, feel free to be as critical as you like.