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    GK Count as custodes army project

    Hello guys,

    Is my first attempt outside my Eldar army but i have this idea of Legio Custodes army.

    For a count of army with fluffy traits there will be of course limitations and weaknesses but i am trying to do an army that is not autobeaten and also has the feel of lions not wolves.

    Lord Draigo 275
    Grand Master Psycannon, Halebard, blind grenades, rad grenades 245

    6 Units of 1 paladin with halebard or demon hammer 330 (modelled as custodes terminators)

    3xTechmarines Conversion Beamer Halebard Rad genades 390 (modelled as CUstodes power armour guys with a heavy exotic weapon)

    Heavy support
    3xDreadnought 2x autocannons psybolt ammunition 405 (pre heresy dreadnoughts modelled)

    Storm Raven Lascannon multimelta 205

    The 5 IC will join 5 of the paladins. 3 of them will always stay in 3+cover giving them reliable saves against the lot of heavy weapons pointed at them.

    Another alternative would be Orbital Strike relay spam with servoskulls instead of conversion beamers and psycannon).

    What you think guys?

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    Hight elf and Craftworld Eldar army project pics heavy: linky

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