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    500 points Vs blood angels. NEED HELP ASAP!

    Like the title says, I need help against a blood angels player.

    Ive already played one game against him and it was a draw, Im looking for a solid win this time round.

    List I used last time was

    CCS: 2x plasma, chimera with ML + HHF

    Veterans: 2x plasma, chimera ML + HHF

    PCS: Heavy Bolter + grenade Launcher
    Squad 1: Heavy bolter + grenade Launcher
    Squad 2:Heavy bolter + Grenade Launcher Commisar.

    He took something along the lines of:
    6 tactical marines
    5 assault marines
    5 death company+ special character (Brother Cabulo i think)
    Razor back
    Venerable dreadnought

    Destroyed him on the shooting side of things, taking down the dreadnought and razor back and assault squad. Problem was close combat, his death company squad cut down the whole platoon and despite being outnumbered 3 to 1!!!

    normal game for us is 2 objectives, one on my edge, one on his, defend your objective and capture your opponents!


    thank you (:

    "Giving a battle speech to a platoon of imperial guardsmen, and ordered them to fix bayonets, and charge a squad of genestealers. If they believed in the Emperor, they could do it. I don't think they believed enough"

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    Your lit is allright but heavy bolters are not effctive at all, you should switch the platoon squads to having autocannons, also i'd give one veteran squad 3 meltaguns rather than the plasmaguns for dealing with heav armour other opponents may take.

    Other than that dropping the commissar may be the bst thing for dealing with this particular opponent, drop him and you can take a scout sentinel that could contest objectives or tie up opponents in combat.

    Dont combine your squads against an assault armylike this, insteal let one squad get charged then they will be wiped out and you get another round of shooting. It's a trick we've been using effectively ever since 5th ed came out and opponents were no longer able to consolidate into a new combat.
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    Now as a blood angels player, I know a thing or two about what they are weak to. The big one is demo charges. You want to take a lot of demo charges, special weapon squads and vet squads are best for this. You'll want to take out the razorback as a main priority, then volley against the DC and assault squad as much as possible. As kevin said, split your squads up. The dread might pose a bit of a problem, but try to get round the back and you will probably succeed.

    As for the actual list, there isn't much that could be changed, it's just down to tactics and luck of the dice.
    "Victory is sweet, blood is sweeter." - Aun'Vre

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