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    1500 points (CONFIRMED Codex)

    Hey guys I visited my local GW store and checked out the new codex. Most of what we've heard leaked is true in terms of point cost and unit composition. One thing though is that PAGK with personal teleporters are not troops, but fast attack Anyways here is a list that I will most likely be considering purchasing upon release:


    175 Grand master


    126 5x Purifier Squad + 2x Incinerator + 3x Halberds
    40 Rhino


    225 5x Grey knights terminator squad + 1x Psycannon /w Halberds

    175 7x Grey knights strike squad + 1x Psycannon + 5x Halberds
    80 Razorback + Twin-linked lascannon

    Fast Attack

    222 7x Grey knights interceptor squad + 1x Psycannon + Personal teleporters + 6x Halberds

    Heavy Support

    255 Land raider crusader
    200 Nemesis dreadknight + Heavy psycannon + Heavy incinerator

    GM rides with terminators in LR, everything else charges into the fray as soon as possible. I tried to avoid minimum squad sizes of PAGKs as 1 or 2 failed saves would cut their strength drastically.

    It was extremely difficult trying to balance the number of models and the amount of punch for each squad. I'd like to add that I had a though time cutting paladins from my original lists, but they just cost way to many points in the <2k bracket.

    I have obviously stuck to halberds for the +2 initiative as I feel grey knights are too costly to risk losing the first strike. Secondly, psybolt ammunition seems very temping, but realistically I only want to shoot once before assaulting, thus halberds were where the points went (both is too expensive and makes squads dangerously small)

    Let me know what you guys think

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    Ditch the LRC and get 5 more terminators in the squad. Use strategy to scout move them before the battle and footslog. Yes you get shot on the way but you can allocate some low ap wounds to the GM for the better save to keep some more squad menbers alive. I guarantee you will take fewer casualties than the 5 extra models you bought and one enemy meltagun cannot do as much damage as if you had a LRC.
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