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    Blood Angels 1500 pts (Competitive)

    Librarian w/ shield of sanguinius, blood lance or fear of the darkness = 100

    Brother Corbulo = 105

    5 Terminators w/ 3 thunder hammers and storm shields = 215

    Land Raider Redeemer w/ extra armor, multi-melta = 265

    10 Assault Marines w/ 2 meltaguns, lightning claw = 225*2

    Baal Predator w/ twin linked assault cannon = 115*2

    Predator w/ auto cannon, 2 side sponson lascannons = 135

    I'm making an all comers list thats competitive but yet not really gay. Not quite sure on which psychic powers to choose from, I really like the shield though. Because my librarian will be in the land raider and every thing will be around it. Am I lacking scoring units? I have 4 scoring if I combat squad. Do I have too much points in the librarian, corbulo, terminator squad in the land raider?

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    When it comes to psychic powers, I find Unleash Rage to be VERY good. Preferred enemy on the Terminators is just awesome. Your deathstar unit in the Land Raider... I don't think it's too excessive, though it certainly is going to draw a lot of fire. Heck, I'd shoot at it a lot. Two scoring units may be a little too few, so maybe -depending on the mission- splitting one unit might be a good idea. I personally dislike 5-man units (unless they are Terminators or Sternguard) as they just effin' die to a stiff breeze.

    All in all that looks like a decent list.

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