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    1750 points Chimera Wall Gunline

    I have some ideas of using Chimera as wall (I know it will give some free KPs but so far it makes assault units think twice to actually play with the blob.

    Company Command Squad (305)
    Colonel "Iron Hand" Straken
    3 Meltaguns
    Camo Cloaks
    2 Bodyguards
    Officer of the Fleet

    Infantry Platoon
    Platoon Command Squad (125)4 Meltaguns
    Chimera (Turret ML, Hull HF)

    Infantry Squad (190)
    Commissar with Power Weapon
    Sergeant Power Weapon

    2x Infantry Squad (290)
    Sergeant Power Weapon

    2x Penal Legion (160)

    Fast Attack
    2x Hellhound with Smoke Launchers (270)

    Heavy Support
    2x Leman Russ Battle Tank - Lascannon, Plasma Cannon Sponson (410)

    Deploy the the CCS, PCS and Infantry behind a wall of Chimera with the Heavy Weapons able to see most of the terrain and thus create a kill zone. The Chimeras are placed so packed until the 1" rule that disallow units to walk in between the Chimeras (approx 2.5" apart is good enough) while these things make good pillboxes and providing decent cover for the infantry blob. Hellhounds made for cover denial and the Russes will blow stuff up from a distance. If hell break lose, the Chimera will move forward with the blob following behind. Penal Legions are for outflanking and objective capturing just in case. Straken will surely give the blob a good hell of a fight.

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    Your list isn't really all that clear. I only see one Chimera listed. You expressed strategy seems incoherent. Straken is best suited to rapid advance, gunlines are suited to static positioning. The penal legions are a further dissonant element. None of the elements in the list seem to complement each other and nearly all of the units listed are overpriced and contain questionable upgrades.
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    The Chimeras are placed so packed until the 1" rule that disallow units to walk in between the Chimeras (approx 2.5" apart is good enough)
    This isn't going to work as well as you might expect.

    1. Our vehicles are easily destroyed in close combat. Keeping all of your vehicles close together will allow an enemy to charge two or three of them at once; that's too much attrition, even for Guard.

    2. Disabled Chimeras cannot stay in formation. Your plan will fall apart with the first immobilized/crew stunned result.

    3. Enough enemies can deepstrike, outflank or fly past a line of Chimeras that the general concept of an "Iron Wall" isn't going to be useful.

    You have the right idea of not letting your infantry walk around in the open but they'll either be better off riding in the transports (a typical mech list) or outflanking en masse (Creed and/or Al'Rahem). Penals can work, too, but you need 5-6 of them if you go with that theme.
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    I'll second what Intrepid and IronWeevil have said. In a gunline, it's your tanks that need to be protected behind a line of bubble-wrapping troops, not vice versa. One unit of multi-charging Thunderwolves will ruin your entire day.

    In an objective game, how are you going to get across the field? Sitting in your deployment zone for 4 turns doesn't work so well anymore. It's too easy for an opponent to leave your access routes blocked by vehicles.

    Moving from the general to the specific, you're running a gunline that doesn't actually have that many guns. Two BS3 Lascannons won't get the job done, and Russes can't reliably kill tanks. My own IG list isn't that heavy on Anti-Tank, but if I were playing you, I'd sit back and use my long range firepower to tear you apart while I blocked every route to the objectives with my own armor. In a lot of games, it's you who's going to have to get across the field to kill anything, not your opponent. Because the long-range firepower simply isn't there.

    Most Mech Gunlines bring Hydras and Manticores to the party, so that you actually have some nasty firepower to dish out. While some Vendettas could pop tanks for 3 turns and then make runs for the objectives.
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