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    Raven Guard Drop Pods - 1750 pts

    I've been playing around with the idea of how to update my list (keeping the newest Codexes in mind) and still keep the original concept of it. The first thing I did was getting rid of Vanguard, replacing them with more durable CC (Ironclad Dreadnought), psychic defence (Librarian) and the two Land Speeder Storms I've always wanted for my Scouts. Doing this, I've come up with following list:



    Venerable Dreadnought w/assault cannon
    Drop pod

    Ironclad Dreadnought
    Drop pod

    Tactical Squad (10 men) w/Pfist, melta, missile
    Drop pod

    Tactical Squad (10 men) w/Pfist, melta, missile
    Drop pod

    Assault Squad (10 men) w/Pfist, meltabomb

    Scout Squad (5 men) w/PW, meltabomb, CCWs
    Land Speeder Storm

    Scout Squad (5 men) w/PW, meltabomb, CCWs
    Land Speeder Storm

    +50 points left over.

    Now for the questions...

    What to do with the leftover 50 points? a) Upgrade Librarian to Epistolary, b) Upgrade Librarian to Terminator + Storm Shield, c) Put multi-meltas on the Storms and heavy flamer on Ironclad, d) Put heavy flamers on Storms and upgrade Libby to Terminator (sans SS). e) Something totally else

    Which powers would be best for the Librarian? I'm thinking of running him with one of the tactical squads so there are lots of possibilities... Force Dome for the Squad, Null Zone maybe? More dakka? Or make him the guy that enemy doesn't want to assault?

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