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    1850 Space Wolves

    HQ: 230

    Wolf Lord: Thunder Wolf, Belt of Russ, Runic Armor, Saga of the Hunter, Thunder Hammer, Wolf Tooth Necklace. - 230

    Elite: 172
    4x Wolf Guard, Frost Blade Combi-Melta, Melta Bombs-172

    Troops: 700
    4x 5man Grey Hunter Packs, Razorback, Melta-gun, Mark of the Wulfen, Power Weapon, Power-Fist. -175 (700)

    Fast Attack: 260

    3x Thunder Wolves, Thunder Hammer, 2x Storm Shield, 2xFrost Blade. - 260

    Heavy Support 490
    6X Long Fangs, 3 Missile Launchers, 2 Lascannons, Razor back TL Lascannons, Extra Armor - 245

    6X Long Fangs, 3 Missile Launchers, 2 Lascannons, Razor back TL Lascannons, Extra Armor - 245

    1850 pts

    Lord Goes w/ T-wolves, and Wolf Guard join w/ Grey’s, while Long fangs issue supporting fire. The object of the hunters is 1 unit should be able to wipe out anything it faces (and can hit) I know I have the cost un-efficient grey hunter w/ powfist, However I figured 2+ hits with the frost blade was more valuable than the 2+ w/ the Powerfist. Additionally I get another special weapon to play with, and have perfect would allocation. The Lord Is made to last can take and receive hits from anything in combat and be able to survive to strike back, and stun/wound to death what’s left. Obviously preferring big bugs.

    The 2 Lascannon razorbacks, give another more accurate str 9 shot, and should provide a distraction, especially if I should not have 1st turn. Worse case they are like a speeder, best case they pop a Land raider. (I think someone shooting at it instead of my grey hunters is also comparable to winning its points back, goes double for my Lord and Company) The alternative would be to drop the Lascannon backs, and a 6 man missile launcher Long Fang pack... I think I get more use out of the 2 TL Lascannons though.

    Think its pretty competitive, Ideally I’d like 1 or 2 Lone wolves, to ride in those Long Fang razor backs; for additional cheap creature hunting/MC killing/Character assassination fun.

    As Always, Qustions And Comments Appreciated…

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    I don't have my codex with me right now but if I remember correctly you can only have power weapon OR power fist on the grey hunters.

    Also you can only have 1 special close combat weapon per unit of Thunderwolves.

    Extra Armor is a waste of points on the long fang razorbacks. Extra armor will not make you shoot, only move and with 48" range you shouldn't need to move.

    On the grey hunters, I would get them a rhino instead of a razorback so you can shoot your melta without having to get out of your vehicule. 6 Grey hunters is not really scary to anthing that is good in close combat, even with all the special cc weapons you add. The units should be at least 8 men strong, ideally 10 so your scpecial cc weapons actually have ablative wounds for you to use them longer. The wolf banner is really a good upgrade to the unit, all the saves you can reroll and all the to hits and to wound that you can reroll makes the banner a must in any close combat unit.

    Since your lord has a thunder hammer might as well give him a stormshield instead of the belt of russ, you get a 3+ save instead of 4+ and it's not like you would use your bolt pistol anyways.

    I would configure your grey hunters as 3 units to move foward and one that stays back to hold your objective. The unit that stays back should have a razorback with a lascannon. The grey hunters are only there to hold the objective, the razorback will be doing all the work. If there razorback busts, hop out and board one of the free razorbacks from the long fangs.

    Hope this helps.
    "Iron Within, Iron Without"

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