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Thread: 1500 pt Mordrak

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    1500 pt Mordrak

    200 Grand Master Mordrak

    200 5x Ghost terminator bodyguard + 3x Halberds/1x Sword/1x Hammer

    185 Venerable dreadnought + Plasma cannon

    275 10x Purifier Squad + 2x Psycannon + 2x Incinerator + 5x Halberds/1x Hammer
    40 Rhino

    150 6x Grey knight strike squad + 1x Psycannon + 2x Halberds +1x Hammer
    40 Rhino

    130 5x Grey knight strike squad + 1x Psycannon + 2x Halberds +1x Hammer
    80 Razorback + Twin-linked lascannon

    200 Nemesis dreadknight + Heavy psycannon + Heavy incinerator

    Hey guys, first off I would like to point out that I tried to beef up my strike squads, but it was simply more point efficient to expand the purifers to full strength.

    As for strategy: Deep strike Mordrak + ghosts with my master strategy providing my squads with scout rules. Dreadknight and dreadnought provide fire support roles while the grey knights assault when given the opportunity.

    I have considered dropping the DK to a dreadnought as to add 3 more grey knights to my strike squads + psybolt ammunition to ven dred, but it really is quite an even trade off, thus I've held off for now.

    Let me know what you guys think as well as possibly ways to upgrade to 2000 points from here (I've thought of many, but I'd like to hear some fresh ideas).

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    HQ: Good. Since they deepstrike without scatter you might as well get an incinerator to flame someone on arival.

    Elites: The dread is very expensive. I would drop him to a standard dread, perhapse with 2x TL AC + psybolts. Purifiers are good. Have you thought about 4 psycannon and combat squadding them? then you could upgrade the rhino to a razorback for more fire support.

    Troops: A bit troop light but you can always make the HQ and purifiers scoring with the master strategy ability. Upgrade the rhino to a razorback why not.

    Heavy: Perfect.
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