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    Senior Member bl00d bath76's Avatar
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    1,500 balanced using paladins.

    I really wanted to use paladins and find a way to use them so this is the list i thought up:


    Librarian =185
    empryian brain mines

    Inquisitor =89
    pyschic communion
    deamon blade
    empryian brain mines
    servo-skulls x3

    crusader x2 =155
    deathcult assasin x3
    acolyte w meltagun x2
    acolyte x3


    Paladins x5 =475
    paladin w brotherhood banner and apothicary
    paladin w master crafted nemesis warding staff and storm bolter
    paladin w master crafted pair of nemesis falchons
    paladin w master crafted psycannon and master crafted nemesis halbeard
    paladin w master crafted psycannon and master crafted nemesis deamon hammer

    vindicare assasin =145


    grey knights x10 =295
    psycannon x2
    justicar with master crafted nemesis deamonhammer

    grey knights x5 =150
    justicar with master crafted nemesis deamonhammer
    razorback w twin-linked pycannon

    total= 1,499

    i have 2 rhino's 1 razorback to make a rhino wall if needed. In objective missions 10 man grey knight squad combat squads leaving 2 psycannons on an objective. Librarians and paladins will always deepstrike together but i havn't decided which transport vehicle the inquisitor should go in. (i may just move him about, joining and leaving squads when needed)

    Anti-tank wise i have 4 psycannons and 2 melta guns. Not much but thats the vindicators role aswell. My transports should make higher target priority over the assasin while he pops tanks left right and centre. Librarian and paladins will use the three servo skulls to accarutly deepstrike into cover with librarian activating shrouding next turn giving a 3+ cover. I will shoot with the 2 MC psycannons on some vehicles so hopefully by now most units are on foot for my paladins to assault. Next turn they leap out of cover and start to cause damage. (Inquisitor uses psychic communion to help the paladins arrive turn 2) Librarian can from then summon units to help them if needed and so i can quickly re-deploy vulnerable units. Henchmen got melta-guns for anti-tank but will assault when possible.

    Overall i think i balanced list that could do well in a competitive setting. (If i have got anything wrong or done anything illegal in this list please say)

    Comments and critisism would be really good as i need to know what to get my hands on so to get an army up and running as soon as possible.


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    Nothing more funny than 3 inquisitors with sanctify when facing deamons. They cant do anything while you stand in front of them having a tee break.

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    Senior Member Mad Cat's Avatar
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    HQ: You can probably ditch Sanctuary as nobody in their right minds is going to charge a paladin unit with I10 and mastercrafting all round. Might of titan could be worth it. =][= is ok but making him xenos with radgrenades would really help the deathcult assasins.

    Elites: I would probably drop the banner as you gain +1A each but loose 2(3 on charge) attacks by not having any force weapon on the guy. The eversor will not do well in most games unless he goes in a transport. He is quite easy to kill if a rhino in front of him blows up and with no 12" charge anymore I don't rate him at all. In addition he doesn't even explode when killed!
    Retinue I would take 3 meltas and upgrade the transport to a chimera for the better armour and the hull HF.

    Troops: You need more troops at 1500 points. Upgrade the other squad to 10 strong with points from the assasin. Keep the razorback if you wish as some combat squad has to hold a home objective.

    Heavy: If you don't want more troops then a Psyfleman dread could be a decent alternative.
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    Sanctuary is actually good against hordes because many people like to swamp high powered units like the paladins with cheap models. I have actually taken out most of a 30 termagant squad with sanctuary. The =][='s points would most likely be better spent else where. With an additional 244 points you could up you unit of 5 knights to ten and still have enough for a six man squad of purifiers or a purgation squad, both would be good as purifiers are good against hordes and the purgation squad can shoot up to 16 strength 7 ap 4 rending shots a turn. That's my two cents.
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