Hey guys,

so i used to be an Ex guard player the 'dex before, then moved to competitive WH FB disliked the rules then moved back. I've used a smaller points level list similar to this and its worked pretty well in. My tactics generally involve running up lightning quick and selecting things to smash in the face incredibly hard. Most of the vet squads are aboard the vendettas.
If i got any rules wrong ill change them just point it out.

so here goes:


company command-120
auto cannon
+1 reserves adviser
master of the ordinance.

With these guys there basically gonna sit in a nice piece of cover and shoot at anything that gets close using the bs of the vets to place shots with the AC.


pshyker battle squad-135
7x psykers inc. overseer
with chimera(multi lazer and heavy bolter)

7 of these guys in theory should be enough to weaken any unit i cant kill completely and want running away as -7 is good enough for me, putting them in the chimera gives them both maneuverability and protection, if i'm not mistaken there powers are also shooting attacks so you could use shooting with the multi lazer to check your in range for the leadership power? i know its a corny thing to do but winning should be in mind..


vet squad 1-80
flamer x2

vet squad 2-80
flamer x2

vet squad 3-80
flamer x2

vet squad 4-80
flamer x2

vet squad 5-180
sgt. Harker (with his relentless H.bolter) and other rules
2x meltas
1 flamer
demolitions upgrade

the last squad is usually gonna infiltrate with harker and blow some stuff up and wreak some havoc, with the melta to take out high Armour guys and tanks and the flamer just in case they run into any hordes along the way.

fast attack

vendetta squadron 1 - 280

2x vendettas
with H.bolters

vendetta squadron 2 - 280

2x vendettas
with H.bolters

3 scout sentinels-135
auto cannons

the vendettas are too good not to take and work really well with shotgun vets with flamers using that scout move to get them close, they'll be taking out most of the Armour and supporting the vets along the way, the sentinels will be supporting the lone squad or popping rhinos, flank protection etc. making use of cover saves from buildings along the way.

heavy support

Leman russ B.tank 150

Leman russ B.tank 150

these guys normally would be parked on my baseline and preferably behind cover for a 4+ save whilst protecting back Armour just happily blasting away. potentially supporting the hq squad if it needs it.

so then guys let me know what you think and thank you!