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    2000 First Grey Knight Army

    Hey guys this is my first Grey Knight build so any comments are appreciated:

    Grand Master-245
    -MC Sword
    -Rad Grenades
    -Orbital Strike Relay

    -Warp Rift, Shrouding, Summoning, Might of Titan, and Quicksilver
    -2 Servo-Skulls

    2x10 Terminators-495-990
    -2 Psycannons
    -Psybolt Ammo
    -Justicar with Hammer

    Vindicare Assassin-145

    2 Dreadknights-200-400


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    Interesting List. You are dropping a ton of points on only a couple of models as it is tough to fit in a GM and Librarian in a 2k list. I don't like the orbital strike on the GM as it is horrible difficult and unreliable in game. Also, your GM cannot move when firing it as relentless will not overrule this.

    I'd drop the Orbital Strike, the Stave, the heavy psycannons on the dreadknights, and both Termie banners, to give each Dreadknight personal teleporters and a Greatsword.

    Or just drop the Orbital Strike, Librarian, and Banners for a 5 man paladin squad with two Psycannons and weapons of choice. I like this idea, more boots on the ground, and more firepower. It may cost you the librarian, but he would be a good addition to 2.5k.

    Your list in general lacks any long ranged AT, I tried to offer suggestions to help counter this without falling back to PsyRifleDreads. Though, Dropping the Librarian and the Orbital Strike could net you two PsyRifleDreads.

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