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    Junior Member daniel.jsmith88's Avatar
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    2k GK List First Attempt

    Grey Knight Grand Master 190pts.
    Psychotroke Grenades

    GKTS 275pts.
    1 Justicar
    4 Grey Knights
    Nemesis Halberd
    Nemesis falchions
    Warding Stave
    Brotherhood Banner
    Psybolt Ammo

    GKTS 275pts
    Same setup

    GK Interceptor Squad 175pts
    1 Justicar
    4 Grey Knights
    1 Incinerator
    Psybolt Ammo

    Razorback 45pts

    GK Interceptor Squad 175 pts
    Same setup

    Razorback 45pts

    Vindicare Assasin w/Exitus Rifle 145pts

    Vindicare Assasin w/Exitus Rifle 145pts

    Heavy Support

    Nemesis Dreadknight 270pts
    Heavy Psycannon

    LRC 270pts
    Extra Armour

    I am new to 40k and this is my first attempt at building an army.

    I want a superfast army.
    I plan to use the razorbacks to get my assassins in place(one on each side of the battle, should be able to cover the entire field.)

    I will also use Grand Strategy and allocate D3 units as scoring units hopefully...

    I am still iffy about the razorbacks. If i take them out how should i use the extra 90 points?
    Any comments can help I normally play against Tau, CSM, Nids, or vanilla marines....

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    HQ: good but I prefer Rad greenades.

    Troops: Psybolts are good on 10 man units but not 5 man (actually only 4 men as one has a psycannon). I would probably drop the banner too and get a hammer in case you are charged by a dread.

    Fast: Again Psybolts are poor. you could take a 10 man unit and combat squad them making psybolts cheaper. You could do this too with the termies but you would need a second troop choice. Why are jump infantry in a razorback? Consider 5 GKSS in razorback and 5-10 interceptors on foot, then you can merge the termies and get psybolts back and combat squad them later if you wish.

    Elites: You can only take one of each assasin.

    Heavy: You don't need extra armour because your tank has the psypower to shrug off stunns and shaken. What about a LRR with psyflame ammo? Dreadknight should drop the sword as you loose an attack and I reccomend a heavy incinerator. Think about taking 2 of these without teleporters.
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