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    1500pts Army List (Give opinions please on what needs improving)


    Lord Kaldor Draigo = 275pts


    Paladins x9 = 495pts (7 models with Nemisis Halberd)
    1x upgraded to Apothecary with Brotherhood Banner
    1x model has Nemesis warding stave
    All close combat weapons are Master Crafted
    All firing weapons are Master Crafted
    2x models with Psycannon
    All models with Psybolt Ammunition

    = 765pts


    Grey Knight Terminators x4 & Terminator Justicar x1
    Terminator Justicar weapons are Master Crafted
    All models with Psybolt Ammunition & Halberd

    = 230pts

    Heavy Support

    Nemesis Dreadknight
    Gatling Psilencer
    Heavy Psycannon
    Nemesis Greatsword

    = 230pts

    Total Points = 1500

    I was told Paladins are awesome but i just got a feeling i will lose to anything with tanks. My idea is to use halberds (int 6) so I'm pretty much attacking first with most armies therefore killing allot of men before then can attack back. But i got a feeling with the lack of Grey Knights i will die easily. Please give me info what i can change/improve. Thanks

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    HQ: Fine

    Troops. The Paladins are too expensive. Take medic and banner and 2 psycannon then mix hammers, swords, staves and halberds so each model has diferent equipment. I wouldn't mastercraft any weapons apart from the psycannon and hammers. Should save you 70-100 points.
    termies should lose psybolts as it isn't worth it for 4 s-bolters. Also mix in 1 hammer and 1 sword into the unit.

    Heavy: Drop the sword. Gatling is anti infantry so take incinerator as well as a better complimentry weapon.

    With all the points saved you need more bodies so either take some GKSS or more termies. If you do this then why not save another 100 points and downgrade Draigo to a GM and buy 5 more GKSS but use strategy to make the paladins scoring in objective missions. If your D3 roll is decent you can make the dreadknight scoring too and in anihilation missions the paladins can reroll 1's or scout.
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