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    1750pt Competive Hybrid List

    Hey I have recently got the codex and have made a list that looks alright to me but I wanted some other peoples opinion. I have tried to make an all comers list and still be competitive as I like to enter various tournaments.

    Coteaz 100pts

    Vindicare Assassin 145pts

    2x 10 man GKSS 640pts
    -2 Psycannons
    -5 Halberds
    -MC Hammer
    -Psybolt Ammo

    1x Warband 165pts (Joined by Coteaz in LR)
    -8 Death Cult Assassins
    -3 Crusaders

    2x Warband 154pts
    -11x Storm Bolter Warrior Acolytes

    2x Dreadnought 270pts
    -TL Autocannon
    -Assault cannon
    -Psybolt Ammo

    LR 270pts

    Total 1744pts

    Altenativelty I can drop the land raider and 1 squad of SB warriors and take a SR with EA, Lascannon and Multimelta and another Dread with the same loadout as the others. This will come out to 1745 with 10 men in that last acolyte squad. My thoughts on tactics were to have the vindicare tankhunt along with the LR/SR and the dreads. While doing that the LR/SR will have the DCA squad in it (The SR will also have the third dread) and they will target the opposing army's best unit as it should be able to wipe out most of an elite unit. The grey knight squads have been made to be tactally flexable and to mainly go for objectives while the SB warriors will baby sit the home objective. Any thoughts? Land Raider (Variants: Crusader, Redeemer. pp81-83, 142-143 CM 5th)

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    do the warbands have chimeras? I would also consider adding some special weapons to the storm bolter Acolytes at least. Maybe one squad with meltas and one with flamers.

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