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    2000pt elite heavy list

    after reading the codex, i knew that any list i create will probably feature a small model count and have lots of elites. hence after much deliberation i have decided on the following, however i'm kind of a newbie and have only fought twice with the old codex. hence i would like to get some advice before i start buying.

    grandmaster ( with empyrean brain mines, rad grenades, blind grenades, incinerator) - 210

    librarian ( warding stave, mastery level 3, 3 servo skulls, powers: dark excommunication, might of the titans , sanctuary, the shrouding, warp rift , empyrean brain mines) - 290

    (grandmaster's/librarians bodyguards) 4 paladins ( 1 demon hammer , brotherhood banner , psycannon , apothecary ) - 340

    5 terminators ( brotherhood banner, psycannon ,1 demon hammer) - 250
    5 terminators ( brotherhood banner, psycannon ,1 demon hammer) - 250

    7 interceptors ( 1 psycannon , 5 halberds , 1 demon hammer ) - 227

    dreadknight ( heavy psycannon . gattling psilencer , 1 demon hammer) - 215
    dreadknight ( heavy psycannon . gattling psilencer , 1 demon hammer) - 215

    i'm opting for a line style advance with my paladins and gm in the center and termi squads flanking , servo skulls for deep striking/scout blocking if i need to , interceptors for intercepting large ugly things, hence the psycannons and hammer for firepower. the dreadknights for heavy support ( probably going to get them close by deep striking) and the gm's grand strategy for added tactical options and the librarians psychic powers for well....... kicking ass? also can someone explain the warp rift power? from what i understand, if get close to a land raider i can instantly penetrate it? for 5 points?? thanks in advance

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    HQ: I would consider dropping the GM. If you spend his points on more troops you will be fine in objective missions. Librarian is fine but drop Masterry level 3. Sanctuary and shrouding are used in the enemy turn so you don't really need more than 2 powers per turn. Add the Quicksilver.

    Elites: Fine, get another squad member and add a halberd or two to mix up all the equipments for wound allocation. Take 2 psycannon and consider mastercrafting them.

    Troops: Drop the banners and add 2 halberds.

    Heavy: Drop the hammers since not having 2 hammers means you loose an attack.

    With all the points saved above look to get a third termie unit or 10 GKSS.
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