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    1.5K Of casual Grey Knights

    Hello i wanted to start a new army for 40K and the new grey knights looked so epic I had to get some.

    Grey Knight brother-captain w/ falchions - 160 (in a term squad)

    7 purifiers w/ daemon hammer, 2 inceinerators, 3 halberds - 179 (in the first stormraven)

    5 terminators w/ daemon hammer, psycannon, falchions, 2 halberds - 230 (put weapons so that they all are different for wound allocation, normally deep strike these)

    5 terminators w/ daemon hammer, psycannon, falchions, 2 halberds - 230 (normally deep strike these)

    5 terminators w/ daemon hammer, incinerator, falchions, 2 halberds - 210 (in second storm raven)

    storm raven w/ teleport homer, hurricane bolters, psybolt ammunition - 270

    storm raven w/ teleport homer, multi-melta, twin-linked lascannon -220

    The idea is to start with the storm ravens on the table, throw them forward and get the troops inside into combat then teleport the reinforcements safely near the combat with the teleport homers or get them in late game to grab objectives. all the while one storm raven is tank hunting while the other is mopping up infantry or contesting objectives.

    I have not had time to test it yet, what do you think?

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    For the first one or two turns you will have only the storm ravens on the table. You will have 1500 points of an opponent's army shooting at these two vehicles by themselves, they will die turn 1-2. If your opponent goes first, I don't really see you having a good chance to win as it holds the entire army back once the transports go down. A terminator heavy list under 2k is plagued with issues as the expensiveness of transport options and unreliability of deep strike means your delivery systems are at risk.

    Your first storm raven is also really expensive. I believe it would be far more beneficial to have a land raider crusader which would come at 10 pts cheaper with psybolt ammo. You'd get the assault cannon in addition to AV 14 - if your vehicles are going to be the only targets for a bit, atleast choose the high armour ones to increased their probability of survival. I would also drop a purifer and a set of falchions (with the LRC change) this will give you the pts for a rhino for the purifers. This would help draw fire away from the LRC and SR as well as prevent one more squad of termies from needing a deep strike.
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