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    Casual 2k List New to GN please help

    I just want to say Im a casual player, but no one likes losing. That said any simple ideas for tactics with my army would help. I chose my army more becasue i liked the characters and models and becasue i kinda wanted a balanced all around list. Thanks in advance for your input!

    Castellan Crowe
    Chosen becasue I like his story and he lets me take Purifiers as Troop choices

    10 Model Purifier Squad
    +1 psycannon
    +1 Incinerator
    +2 Nemesis Halberds
    +2 Nemesis Falchions
    +1 psybolt
    +2 Mastercrafted Weapons on KotF

    10 Model Terminator Squad
    +1 Psycannon
    +1 Incinerator
    +2 Daemon Hammers
    +2 Nemesis Halberds
    +2 Nemesis Falchions
    +1 Brotherhood Banner
    +1 Psybolt

    Fast Attack:
    Storm Raven Gunship
    +1 Twin-Linked Melta
    + Side Sponson Hurrican Bolter
    + Searchlight
    +Truesilver Armour

    Heavy Support:
    10 Model Purgation Squad
    +2 Incinerators
    +2 Psycannons
    +5 Nemesis Halberds

    1 Nemesis Dreadknight
    +1 Heavy Incinerator
    +1 Heavy Psycannon
    +1 Nemesis Greatsword

    1 Nemesis Dreadknight
    +1 Gatling Psilencer
    +1 Daemon Hammer

    Vindicare Assasin

    Any thoughts would be great and appreciated. Thanks All.

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    HQ: He is ok but you need to take more purifiers to make him worth while. Otherwise just take a GM and make purifiers scoring with the strategy rule.

    Elites: OK

    Troops: Purifiers take 1-2 hammers, 2-4 psycannon and psybolts if you have 8+ stormbolters in the unit. Add 5 Halberds too, falcions are not really worth it except on paladins. Don't put fancy kit on the KotF in case he dies from a perils of the warp.
    Termies look fine.

    Fast: This is your only vehicle and so will attract every enemy antitank gun in his army. It won't last long so I would probably drop it. Think of the extra purifiers you could get.

    Heavy: Don't take purgation squads when purifiers are troops. They have more attacks, fearless and can take psycannon for half the price.
    Put the gatling and the incinerator on the same model as these weapons are anti infantry so compliment each other better. Drop the hammer as you loose an attack if you use it since you need a pair of hammers to get +1 attack.
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