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    Competitive 500 and 750 pts

    Hi guys and girls,

    I'm thinking about starting a IG army and I want it to be competitive from the start, otherwise I will most probably get bored by it.

    I have a 500 pt list I am fairly happy with and then some ideas how to expand it to 750 pts. I would greatly appreciate separate comments for both armies. The two main concerns are the vendetta and the hydra flak tank. I have never met either on this point-range. What are your opinions?

    The lists will face both heavy mech and horde armies so I do want it to get well rounded. Most competitors do play to win, so I will face alot of weird army-combinations even at this point range.

    500 pts

    A Primaris Psyker together with Penal Legion in a Vendetta gunship (70 + 80 + 130 = 280 pts).

    Veterans with 2 Meltaguns in a Chimera with a heavy bolter and Turret Heavy Flamer (145 pts).

    Hydra Flak Tank (75 pts).

    Anti-tank weaponry comes from the veterans and the vendetta gunship. Depending on the opponent either the Psyker will start with the Penal Legion on foot, alone in the vendetta or with the legion in the vendetta. In the vendetta the Psyker will be able to dish out some surprise-damage and I hope that together with the Penal Legion, they will be able to hold up against at least some enemy cc. The flak tank has a heavy duty in taking care of enemy transports and infantry. Though I know the vendetta are a high-priority target, I think that at this point-range it won't be a complete sitting duck.

    750 pts
    Away with the psyker and in with a Company command with 4 Plasmaguns and a Bodyguard mounted in a Chimera with Heavy Flamer and Turret Multi-Laser (180 pts).

    A Infantry Platoon (245 pts) consisting of
    Platoon command with 3 flamers in a Chimera with a heavy bolter and Turret Heavy Flamer.
    Infantry with Autocannon and Plasmagun.
    Infantry with Missile Launcher and Grenade Launcher.

    Add Demolitions to the Veterans (with the two Meltaguns) and mount them in the Vendetta Gunship (120 + 130 = 250 pts).

    Hydra Flak Tank (75 pts).

    For the 250 extra points I mainly get another chimera, a autocannon, missile launcher and several plasmaguns. With 4 plasma guns the command packs uite a punch. Anti-tank comes from the vendetta which can also drop the demolition veterans. The platoon command with flamers and heavy flamer chimera are to clear hordes. The infantry and hydra flak take care of either transports or infantry.

    Criticism please

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