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Thread: 2k Hybrid List

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    2k Hybrid List


    CCS: 3 Plasma, 1 Melta, Chimera 160


    Stormtrooper (9): Plasma x2, Airborne 179


    PCS: AC, GL x2 50
    IS: AC, GL, Commiser w/PW 110
    IS: AC, GL 65
    IS: AC, GL 65
    SWS: Demos x2, Flamer

    Vets: Plasma x3, Lascannon
    Vets: Melta x3, Chimera
    Vets: Melta x3, Chimera

    Fast Attack

    Devil Dog: Hull MM

    Heavy Support

    Leman Russ Vanquisher: Lascannon, Pask 220
    Leman Russ x2: Lascannon 330
    Manticore 160

    Total: 1999

    Pretty self explanatory list. I mostly face Blood Angels, CSM, Space Wolves, and other MEQ lists.

    The stormtroopers tend to be a just in case, deepstrike down and nuke a squad/big nasty type of unit... and I usually hide the special weapon squad in behind the blob squad and deepfry whatever nasty close combat unit just chomped through it. The company command squad has a random melta in it because I haven't juggled the points to replace it with a medic (though I am considering it). The manticore is also interchangeable with a Demolisher that I have kicking around. I love both models equally... which would you think to be more effective in this list?

    Thoughts, feelings, comments... all are welcome.

    All comments welcome.

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    The stormtroopers have too many models. Strip them down to 5 and spend the points elsewhere or scrape some points from somewhere else and split it into two squads of 5.

    The PCS might benefit from a kit of 4x grenade launcher and a Chimera. It would allow them to serve as an overwatch unit for the blob. If the blob is to be assault bait, then PW on the sergeants might also be useful.

    The vanquisher is a historically poor performer and Pask is rarely worth his points.

    The heavy reliance on large blast templates against fast moving lists like BA can be a mistake. At minimum I would not squadron tanks at this point level. Swapping one out for another Hellhound with a hull MM might be an option. The inferno cannon offers a lot more precision and will wound MEQs on 2s. A hull MM would give you some extra anti-armor punch.
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