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    1500p spacewolf army

    Hello everyone!

    I'm pretty new to 40k but played a few games at 1000p, and thinking about expanding to 1500p. Here is what I come up with:

    Rune Priest (Chooser, Wolf Tail talisman, living lightning, murderous hurricane) 115p
    Rune Priest (melta bomb, wolf tail talisman, murderous hurricane, tempest's wrath) 110p

    8 Grey hunter (meltagun, rhino) 160p
    8 Grey hunter (meltagun, rhino) 160p
    9 Grey hunter (meltagun, rhino) 175p
    5 Grey hunter (meltagun, razorback) 120p

    Heavy Support:
    5 Long fang (lasplas razorback, 4 rocket launchers) 190p

    5 wolf guard (4 powerfist, 4 combimelta, 1 termie armor+cyclone) 235p
    Lone wolf (termie armor, 2 wolfclaws, 2 fenrisian wolves) 85

    Fast Attack:
    Land speeder (multi-melta, heavy flamer) 70p
    Land speeder (multi-melta, heavy flamer) 70p

    The idea is this: the 8 man grey hunter squads will be backed up with a runepriest and wolfguard each, the other two with the remaining power armored wolf guards. The termie wolfguard will lead the longfangs, or in missions like dawn of war, where the longfangs will arrive embarked in their razoback, he will get into a firing position since his relentless rule because the terminator armor allows him to fire the cyclon even after moving. The landspeeders will preying on tanks first, then infantry with it's heavy flamer.

    So what do you think?


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    Hey Frazor, first of all, welcome to LO

    The list is pretty solid, and looks almost exactly like my lists. Though I don't use a second priest and a Lone wolf. What I would change is the Lone wolf. He's quite slow compared to the rest of your army, and to me, doesn't really have a job to do. I would replace him, and the terminator wolfguard with another 5 Long Fangs with missile launchers.

    Also, wolf tail talismans and meltabombs aren't needed IMO. Leave them home I would say, and give both the razorbacks Lascannon and plasmarifle turrets.

    For the rest, I can see myself play with this list, so I like it.

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