So this is what I'm thinking for my army. I picked units that iliked so yes I realize this isn't the most competetive list. But I wanted an army with Purifiers, an Inquisitor, and Dreadknights. I'm going for a balanced army that can hopefully handle a little bit of everything. Let me know what you all think.

Castellan Crow
Inquisitor Karamazon

10-man Purifier Squad:
+2 Psilencers
+2 Psycannons
+2 NF Halberds
+1 Daemon Hammer
+Psybolt Ammo

10-man Purifier Squad
+2 Psycannons
+4 NF Halberds
+1 Daemon Hammer
+Psybolt Ammunition

10-man Strike Squad
+1 Psilencer
+1 PSycannon
+1 NF Halberd

10-man Strike Squad
+1 Psilencer
+1 Psycannon
+1 Daemon Hammer

Inquisitorial Henchmen Warband
1 Jokaero Weaponsmith
2 Deathcult Assasins
2 Warrior Acolytes
+2 Hotshot Lasguns
+2 Carapace Armour
1 Warrior Acolyte
+Plasma Gun
3 Inquisitorial Henchmen
+3 Plasma Cannons
2 Daemon Hosts

Heavy Support-
+Personal Teleporter
+Heavy Psycannon
+Nemesis Greatsword

+Gatling Psilencer
+Nemesis Daemonhammer

So thats my army I know it wont win most matches but i think I like the idea of a Greay Knight army that is always facing odds they know they cant win and still trying. Besides I play 40K for fun and isn't that the reason all of us should play?