[Boring background] Hello, I've been on and off warhammer ever since I was about 5, when your Dad and his mates are into it you kinda have to embrace it yourself. Anyway; after a couple of months break from both Fantasy and 40k I have returned after me and my mates rediscovered our passion for the hobby. [/boring background]

I've gone Grey Knights this time round anyway as I loved them before the Codex release, it only made sense to collect them as an army.

So I have decided after a recent 600pts event, 1HQ, 1 Troop minimum which I won straight. X-0. To build up a 1000pt force, specifically an all-comers force. I'll increase the size at a later date but for now my career and coaching are weighing heavy on me.

Brother champion Atias XXX

Venerable Dreadnought Achilles 195
2 X TL Autocannons

Terminators ( 5 ) 300
Thawn (I love this tech personally)

Strike Squad ( 8 ) 255
6 Halberds
Justicar MC weapon
w/ Rhino transport

Purgation Squad ( 5 ) 150
4 Incinerators

1000 on the head


I like Thawn as a nice tech piece. I may remove him however, but right now he's just excellent at pulling the opponent's priorities across the board.

The Rifle dread's utterly amazing, it's not going anywhere. When I up this to 1.5 and 2k I'll be throwing down 3 of these.

'Playtheory' book:

Autocannon Dread at the back middle can pop anything AV12 odd with it's 4 cheesebolts.

Atias will go with the Strike squad, he's just a cheap HQ as at this pts level I cannot afford a captain or master, considering their saves are identical with a Nemmy sword anyway. If I assault I'll just make sure I throw Atius' base into another Independant character.

The Purgation unit is something I have never really tried (same goes for the strike squad in all fairness) but is aimed to be a one-shot unit. After they disembark, levelling a horde of whatever nasties I see fit to burn down. They won't see much more after that and will probably be levelled down. This unit's main goal is anti-horde and just to earn at least their points back.

I'll be deep striking the terminator unit as it works for me. Thawn is simply amazing through my testing. As he remains on the field, the unit won't count as a kill point, if he fails his 4+ to come back, he may try again the following turn. He diverts so much attention, as a Psyker lv 2 also he's pretty neat.

Anyway give me some feedback please, will be appreciated.