First things first: the list

CCS +lascannon+vox = 75p

1st platoon
PCS +Autocannon+vox 45p
Infantry squad +vox +Autocannon =65p
Infantry squad +vox +Autocannon =65p
TOTAL 1st platoon 175points

2nd platoon
PCS +vox = 35p
Infantry squad +vox +meltagun 65 points combined with
Infantry squad +meltagun 60 points;
Infantry squad +vox +grenade launcher 60p
TOTAL 2nd platoon 220p

Vendetta 130

Hydra Flak tank 75
Hydra Flak tank 75

Total 750p

General strategy

Build a static line of fire using platoon 1, CCS and the Hydras. Use their gun, if possible, to cripple the enemy's light vehicles and transport to prevent outflanking maneuvers and "mobile covers"
Force them to move where i am stronger using vendetta as hit and run and the hydras' long range guns (and mobility)

Hunt down heavy vehicles using vendetta's 3 twinlinked lascannons and the 2nd platoon (which should be able to close in using terrain cover and not to receive too much attention in the first turns because there are bigger issues for the enemy to worry at)

I do not want to have chimeras yet. I plan to use them when i will grow to 1500 points. They will be paired with meltavets which will do like 2nd platoon work.

The core of this list has been discussed there also:

Notes about competitivity:
Since this will be my first army i do not plan to build a competitive list (also because 750 pts are too few to do so) then this list will be more focused on "fluffy and casual" games.
Anyway, this list shall become a core of a larger, more competitive army.
Please keep those lines in mind when you suggest anything to me.

And now, open your suggestions fire!