So I've played a couple of lists of Space Marines, mostly 500 and 750 points, but to prepare for a big game coming up with some friends, I needed to make a new list for 1500 points. My main problem with Space Marines is that I'm never good at having few units (which is why I primarily play Imperial Guard). But I've done research with the codex, and I've read it up, down, and sideways for the last 3 weeks, so I'm hoping my facts are straight. Without further ado, here's my 1500 point list:

Chapter Master
-w/ Termie armor, thunder hammer, storm shield

2 10-man Tactical Squads
w/ 2 missile launchers, 2 flamers (1 each for each squad), storm bolter & power weapon for Sergeants, and 2 Rhinos w/ extra storm bolter

10-man Scout squad
w/ 5 sniper rifles, 1 heavy bolter, & camo cloaks

10 man Terminator squad
w/ 2 cyclone missile launchers & a drop pod

Heavy Support

My intention was to split up the missile launchers in the tactical squads from the flamers, and have the missile launchers camp, while the Chapter Master joins the Terminator Squad in the drop pod, and have the flamers speed down the battlefield in Rhinos, with the scouts in deep cover providing support for them with the heavy bolter and sniper rifles.

Critique? Thoughts? I can take whatever you guys say...