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    Space Wolves 1000pts

    Hey Guys ive been having a couple of rough games vs Dark Eldar recently my friend takes like 6 boats with dark lances and wracks etc (i do better in high points games but in 1000 he its pretty painful) anyway i wanted to build a list with alot of anti mech but also be able to do well against alot of different armies.


    Rune Priest
    Living Lightning , StormCaller , Chooser of the slain 110pts
    To sit with one pack of long fangs

    Rune Priest
    Living Lightning , Murderous Hurricane 100pts
    Going in the Drop Pod


    Lone Wolf
    Terminator Armour ,2 Wolf Claws 65pts

    3 Wolf Guard
    Wolf Guard with Powerfist and Combi-Melta
    Going in the Drop Pod
    Wolf Guard with Frost axe
    Going in the Rhino with the blood claws
    Wolf Guard with no extra equipment
    Sitting with one of the Long Fangs pack to soak up a wound 99pts


    8 Grey Hunters
    Melta Gun , Drop Pod 160pts

    9 Blood Claws
    Flamer , Power Weapon Rhino 185pts

    Heavy Support

    6 Long Fangs

    5 Missile Launchers 140pts

    6 Long Fangs
    5 Missile Launchers 140pts

    So thats about it the plan is Drop the pod in enemy lines to do alot of damage straight up and draw their attention so the combat squads can get up to their side while the long fangs give alot of anti mech fire

    anyway so thats about it i would really appreciate some Tips or changes that can be made to the list but im going to try it out on tuesday ill post back how the game goes

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    I would take out the lone wolf, they are great on paper, but I've never seen a competitive player use one, they're just too much of an open target. That gives you 65 points, and for just 85 points, you can get a scout squad, with a melta, and they can be amazing for their quick points. Sneak in behind their lines and just raise hell get into combat quick so they don't get shot up. Other than that, you should do ok, those long fangs should take out pretty much any armor in this point game.

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