Ok, so i wanted to start knights for the painting, but i also enjoy the gaming aspect, so i bought 2 terminator boxes and a strike squad box and driago
i was thinking:

Hq - draigo,

strike squad
- 1x pyscannon

1x force sword
1x halberd
1x falchions
1x daemon hammer
1x MC daemon hammer
1x MC halberd
1x incinerator w/ halberd
1x incinerator w/ force sword
1x pyscannon w/ halberd
1x pyscannon w/ force sword

total 1000 points

the idea to move down the centre killing stuff that gets into the range of my blob of paladins while i can call in my strike squad later when i need it to sit on an objective or call in earlier with physcic comunication to kill annoying units at the far end (like devastators)

any suggestoions? im worried about only having 2 pyscannons in my first squad ...