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    1500 Imperial Fists Mech Task Force

    Ok, so there's a tournament every other week at my LGS & I wanna be ready for it next weekend. This is what I plan on running. There are armies from every codex incl Blood Angels & Grey Knights.

    Pedro Kantor

    Sternguard (5 man)

    Dreadnought TLLC

    Tactical 1 (10 man)

    Tractical 2 (10 man)

    Tactical 3 (10 man)
    Power Fist/Combi-Melta

    ~~Heavy Support~~
    Predator w/ AC Turret
    LC Sponsons

    x2 Vindicators
    dozer blades

    If I combat squad the ML Tacs & leave the heavies behind to w/ the Dread & the Pred to form a firebase. Meanwhile the vindis, melta squad & Sternguard move forward along w/ the flamer equipped rhino riding sgt combat squads to contest & claim as well as eliminate enemy armor from up close as needed.

    This army has 4 scoring units or 6 if I combat squad them.

    By my math, I still have 10 pts to spend. I was hoping for thoughts or ideas on this list. C&C is quite welcome. I was thinking the 3 LCs as well as the melta squad & even the demolishers will help to eat alive any deepstriking land raiders or Storm Ravens. Also the 2 templates will be good against hordes, as will the flamers & the massed bolter fire from all the transports & tac squads.

    Sternguard w/ Kantor will be able to multi-task w/ their special ammo & even handle assault troops to some extent.

    The other available models I have...

    Chaplain w/ jump pack
    10 man assault squad w/ flamer & Twin Lightning Claws
    5 man sniper scout squad w/ HB
    5 man assault scout squad
    5 man bolter scout squad
    Sgt Tellion
    5 man terminator squad w/ assault cannon
    Ironclad dread w/ seismic hammer & hurricane bolters
    2x Landspeeders w/ no weapons, I can kit out as either ML/HF, HB/AC or 1 as a typhoon
    5 man honor guard squad, no chapter banner
    Landspeeder Storm
    Captain/Chapter Master in termie armor w/ PW/SB
    Librarian w/ force weapon & I can give him whatever other weapon would suit him.

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