GK Strike Squad-135 Pnts. (270)
Justicar with Nemesis Halberd
Four with Nemesis Swords
One Psycannon
Psybolt Ammunition
(ONE Rhino to hold both squads...40 Pnts.)
Two squads of the above loadout...

5 Termis (normal Justicar)-245 Pnts. (980)
One Brotherhood Banner
Four pairs of Nemesis Falchions
(My idea here was that standard each guy would have 5 attacks excluding the banner carrier who would have 3. Plus, with the charge they have six; one from charge, one for dual wield, one for falchion rule, two standard. Obviously a CC-based army thus far in.)

Four squads of the above loadout...

I have no idea which Hq to use...You guys decide

After the troops I got kinda lost on what would fit in next. So, give me suggestions and I'll get to work on completing the list. Thanks . Right now I am at 1250 points.