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    The Beginnings of my 2K List!

    Okay guys so all I have down are my troops basically so after I post that, it's up to you guys to suggest units that will fit (it's a CC army essentially)with the army. Here goes

    GKSS (5)-135 Pnts. (27 0)
    Justicar w/ Halberd
    Four Nemesis Swords
    One Psycannon
    Psybolt Ammunition

    Two of the above squads. That's the 270 points (the total)

    5 Termis-245 Pnts. (98 0)
    One Brotherhood Banner
    Four Pairs of Nemesis Falchions

    Four Squads...

    So the idea here for the termis is that they get 5 attacks standard (one for dual wield weapons, one for falchions rule, two normal, and one for banner). ALso, six off the charge. So it's your turn now guys, what's next? Maybe a dreadknight or two? I'd love to have an assasin (preferable the Vindicare) if they are actually somewhat effective. Thanks again. The smiley faces are actually zeros sorry guys!

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    If you are going for a CC army, running GKSS is a bad idea. They are more suited to be a mid ranged shooting unit. Also, psybolt ammunition isn't very cost effective unless it is on a 10man GKSS unit.

    Purifiers are the real monsters in CC with cheap access to halberds. A Crowe list could be an option.

    Also, if you are going to use those units, I would look into transports.

    Also, assuming that falchions are going to be FAQed as +2 attacks may be premature. I will not play them as such until there is an FAQ.

    Before we give any more advice, the overall concept of your list could be clearer. Are you going to use transports? DS?

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