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    1885 1st GK Army List

    This is my first GK list intended as a casual list. Looking for thoughts, criticism, and advice on the army as im new to the knights and havn't yet played them.

    Changed up my list to a mounted crowe 1500 I thought it might work as a mobile all comers, utilising the heavy weapons of the transports to give the force a punch against tanks. would anyone change up the paladins?

    Crowe 1500

    Crowe 150
    Techmarine 120
    5 Purifiers in a razorback 200
    5 Purifiers in Razorback 200
    5 Paladins in a Stormraven 440+240
    Dreadnought 150

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    HQ: If you use him then you should take plenty of purifiers, at least 20. Otherwise stick with strike squads as troops and a librarian or GM.

    Elites: You are short of troops so considder taking normal terminators instead as they are scoring. Ditch the tech marine.

    Troops: Take 10 man squads with 5 armed with hammers & halberds in the transport then 5 more armed with 4 psycannon on foot in cover holding home objectives.

    Fast: OK. Arm it with MM + LC

    Heavy: Take a psyfleman dread for 135.
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    How about filling us in how you plan on equipping those squads?

    Drop the Techmarine.

    Your paladins should not cost 440pts! for 5 models. 5 different models, one hammer, 2 psycannons runs 325pts, thats about the extent of it.

    I agree, make that dread a PsyRifleDread.

    Keep the SR cheap MM and TLLC would work.

    Take all of those points that you saved and buy another purifier squad in a razorback.

    Though in all reality, you could just run regular terminators instead of paladins, and buy another dread with the points.

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