Darnath Lysander

Terminator Armor, Storm Bolter

Terminator Squad (5)
Chain Fist
Heavy Flamer

Terminator Squad (5)
Assault Cannon

Terminator Assault Squad (6)
5 x TH/SS
1 x TLC

Scout Squad (5)
Sgt Tellion
3 sniper rifles
Heavy bolter

Scout Squad (5)
4 Sniper Rifles
Missile Launcher
Teleport homer

Scout Squad (5)
Teleport Homer

Landspeeder Storm

Landspeeder tornado

Landspeeder tornado

1505 pts

I got Space Hulk 3rd Ed & thought it'd be fun to play all my termies at once.

Questions though:

1) is it legal to take a 6 man squad or does it HAVE to be multiples of 5? The codex says up to 5 more at x pts each but never says 5 more must be taken.

2) should I drop Lysander & take a MoF to bolster me up to 1750 pts w/ an Iron dread & a rifleman dread?


I don't have any land raiders, sorry & I can't afford to buy any in the near future, so unless someone would like to donate a couple of them to this poor student it's not in the plan. Maybe future plans for running this at 2K.

Please though, thoughts & ideas here. I wan this to be my alternative list to my mechanized mobile strike force I usually run.