Hey all, could I please have your advice on this army and how to both fill it to 2000 points and drop it to 1500. I have two tournaments coming up and little experience with this force. Any and all advice is welcome.

P.s. yellow is not the most fun colour to paint!

Librarian (jump pack, blood lance, unleash rage) - 125

Tactical Squad x10 (powerfist, lascannon, plasma gun) - 215
Razorback (las and t/l plas) - 90
Assault Squad x10 (power fist, meltaguns x2) - 235
Assault Squad x10 (power sword, melta bombs, meltaguns x2) - 230
Scouts x5 (power sword, melta bombs) - 90

Scout Bikers x3 (power sword, melta bombs, astartes grenade launchers x3, cluster mines) - 130
Vanguard Veterans x5 (power sword x4, power fist x1, jump packs) - 235

Heavy Support
Devastators x10, (lascannon x1, plasma cannon x3) - 240
Razorback (las and t/l plas) - 90
Dreadnought (t/l autocannon x2) - 120
Dreadnought (t/l autocannon x2) - 120

Total - 1925

The things in italics will be removed for 1500.

For 2000 any suggestions on how to fill 75 spare points? I possibly have a lot more if I drop the grenade launchers on the bikes and melta bombs from various squads. So may have enough to spare to add a Baal Predator in.

I have various characters, Terminators, a Baal and Sternguard I could use.

Any and all help welcome. Good gaming to all.