Hello everyone!

Your feedback would be much appreciated!!

1. Vulkan - 190
2. Librarian: null zone, avenger - 100

1. Full Tactical Squad: meltagun, missile launcher, Rhino -210
2. Full Tactical Squad: meltagun, missile launcher, Rhino -210
3. Scout Squad : sniper rifles, missile launcher, camo cloaks, -100

1. Terminator Assault Squad (5 termies): TH & SS -200
2. Dreadnought: multi-melta, CCW with heavy flamer, Drop Pod -150

Fast Attack
1. Land Speeder: multi-melta -60
2. Land Speeder: multi-melta -60

Heavy Suport
1. Predator: autocannon, heavy bolters -85
2. Predator: autocannon, lascannons -120
3. Land Raider: multi-melta -260

TOTAL: 1745 points

Vulkan, Librarian & Terminators start inside the Land Raider, tactical squads inside Rhinos or split to combat squads depending on mission, scouts mainly as objective sitters, Dreadnought deep strikes on first turn close to enemy lines, Predators for (heavy) support
Alternatively, i consider taking a locator beacon for the Drop Pod and deep striking closely the Land Speeders. Would it work?