I am finally building & painting my new BA army! The Dreadnought options of the BA Codex are what won me over so I'm trying to build an introductory list focused around them.

160 Reclusiarch, jump pack, meltabombs

210 Librarian Dreadnought, Drop Pod, "Wings" & "Fear of Darkness" powers
210 same

270 Tactical Squad x10, combi-melta, powerfist, meltagun, Deathwind Drop Pod
235 Assault Squad x10, melta gun x2, powerfist
183 Scouts x8, camo, locator beacon, power weapon, meltabombs

115 Dreadnought, assault cannon
115 same

1498 Total

The basic idea is to throw down the Libby Dreads with their Drop Pods as cover, and then jump them out to cause havoc. The Scout squad allows me to position the Pods exactly where I want them, the better to close off roads and choke points and otherwise impede the progress of mechanized lists.

Once the Pods are deployed, the Scouts can fall back for objective-holding to where the Dreadnoughts are providing general-purpose support fire. (I wish I had the points to give the Dreads extra armor.) The Assault Squad is free to be used for troubleshooting or objective-taking.

On the one hand, most of my opponents have enormous psychic abilities (Tyranids, Eldar, Marines, Grey Knights) which makes the 'Wings of Sanguinius' a bit of a long shot. On the other hand, having redundant psychic hoods deployed on turn 1 will be extremely valuable and the Deathwind Tactical Pod gives me a transport-killer that doesn't use psychic ability. About one-third of my opponents will be Grey Knights now and the Librarian Dreadnought seems immune to (and able to counter via psychic hood) most of their obnoxious abilities.

In larger games, I plan to field three normal Dreadnoughts with a supporting Techmarine (who will also support the Scouts by bolstering terrain). Otherwise, I plan to stay focused on Drop Pod deployment, as opposed to Razorback spam or DoA.