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    Blood angels 2000 point with 1000 add on option

    My first pass at a Blood Angel list (there will be a following post on my proposed Tournament list). All comments most welcome and appreciated.

    HQ -
    Dante - 225
    (Goes with Sanguinary Guard)

    Reclusiarch - 150
    P/F, Melta Bombs
    (Goes with Death Co.)

    Troops -
    Tactical Squad - 225
    Lascannon, Flamer, P/Fist, Rhino

    Sanguinary Guard - 250
    Chapter Banner, I/P, P/F

    Death Co. - 185
    5 Marines (all B/P), T/H, I/P, P/F, P/S, 2 x C/S

    Elites -
    Assault Terminators - 440
    4 x L/C 1 x T/H, Land Raider Redeemer

    Sanguinary Priest - 85
    Terminator Armour (with Assault Terminators)

    Librarian Furioso - 175

    Heavy Support -
    Storm Raven - 230
    Lascannon, M/Melta, Hurricane Bolters

    My main aim was to have a list that could be take the offensive in every match, but that could be very flexible on deployment.

    My Furioso, Death Company and Chapalin will depoly in the Storm Raven so that I'll have some choice on the enemy that they face (the first one anyway). The Land Raider with the Terminatiors can either deploy or deep strike depending on the situation and with Dante attached to the Sangunary Guard they can come in exactyly where needed. All I acutally need to deploy at the start of the game is the Rhino with the Tactical Squad inside.

    Optional 1000 Point Add-on

    [B]Troops -[/B
    ]Sanguinary Guard - 220
    I/P, P/F

    Assault Squad - 156
    Sarg P/Axe, Melta Bombs, 2 x Additional Marines

    Additional Death Co. - 150
    6 x Marines, I/P, P/S

    Death Co. Dreadnought - 150
    H/Flamer, Magna Grapple

    Fast Attack -
    Vanguard Vets. - 225
    Sarg Glaive Encarmine, 3 x P/S and B/P, 1 x C/S and I/P, all with Jump Packs

    Elites -
    Additional Sanguinary Priest - 95
    Jump Pack, Melta Bombs, L/Claw
    (with the Assault Squad or Vanguard Vets)

    Deployment and tactics would stay very simliar to the 2000 point list, only major change would be that the Death Co. Dreadnought would replace the Librarian Furioso in the Storm Raven. Other than that I've tried to keep the flexability.

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