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    2500 BA Death Co

    Here's a list I'm thinking trying out.
    Astorath - goes w/ DC #2

    Death Co #1 (560)
    5 w/ Jump packs, Infernus pistol, P/F, P/W and Lemartes w/ Stormraven

    Death Co #2 (415)
    5 w/ Jump packs, Hand flamer, T/H, P/W w/ Stormraven

    Death Co #3 (520)
    10 man, IP, HF, PF, PWx2 w/ LRR (edit)

    Death Co #4 (315)
    10 man, IP, HF, PF, PWx2 w/ Drop Pod (edit)

    DC Dread w/blood talon - goes in a stormraven

    DC Dread - goes in a stormraven

    Both SR: TLMM/TLPC

    Total: 2480 pts

    This is an annihilation army, w/o the ability to capture objectives. I'd drop the drop pod as close to my opponent as possible, and move either flat out or cruising speed w/ the SRs, hopefully getting into melta range of any tanks that scare me, or use the PCs on troops. The LR flat out to get as close as possible for an assault. Round 2, drop off anything in assault range and use the SRs for general fire support. Any thoughts?

    Last edited by Michael831; June 13th, 2011 at 16:31. Reason: Changed the list to be <2500pts

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