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    1000 point Soul Drinkers

    I've recently decided that I want to start a Space Marines army, and I was casting about for a theme. I remembered reading the Soul Drinkers omnibus a while ago and thinking that they were a really cool chapter. So, after a quick skimming of the book (plus internet research) I came up with this 1000 point list.

    Sarpedon, Space Marine Librarian - 135
    Smite, Null Zone, Bike
    Notes: Not sure what powers to give him, as I can't get The Hell...

    Captian Luko - 130
    Double Lightning Claws
    Notes: Maybe a jump pack? But what to take out?

    Tactical Squad - 180
    Five additional Marines, Lascannon
    Notes: For tank busting.

    Tactical Squad - 205
    Five additional Marines, Drop Pod
    Notes: Not sure about drop pod...

    Fast Attack:
    Assault Squad - 235
    Five additional Marines, 2x Plasma Pistol, Power Axe
    Notes: Veteran is Sgt Graevus. Also for tank busting.

    Assault Squad - 105

    I'm planning on converting Sarpedon to give him Spider Legs and counting them as a Bike. Would that be legal?

    In keeping with the Soul Drinkers fluff, this is an assault based army.

    Also, while this list conforms mildly to the fluff, I'd like it to be mildly competitive as well. So both fluff fixes and competitive fixes would be appreciated.

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    On competitive side you have 37 bodies and 1 drop pod. It means you will be quite vulnerable as you have no real vehicles. There is only two real ways to fix it: Either get more bodies on table (to counteract need of vehicles by having more infantry to shoot at) or get more vehicles. So basically I have three possible suggestions:

    #1 - Infantry Heavy: Lose second HQ, use the points to get 5 more marines to Assault Squad.
    #2 - Vehicles: Lose second HQ and Drop Pod, get two Rhinos or Razorbacks
    #3 - Dreadnought: Lose second HQ, get Dreadnought and put it in Drop Pod.

    Now you can see all my suggestions start with "Lose second HQ". What I mean is get both, paint both, convert them both look awesome, but don't use them both at the same time in 1000 pts list. It just doesn't pay out to put too much points into standard marine HQs especially at small an army.
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