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    1750 Space Marines, Tourny


    Librarian, cheap and chearful, gate of infinity and the avenger powers: 1xx points
    joins Sternguard

    Chaplain w/ Jump pack: 115
    joins assault marines


    Sternguard Vets: 355 points
    10 Marines
    5 combi meltas
    1 Heavy flamer
    Power Fist
    Drop pod with Locator Beacon


    Tactical Squad: 245
    10 marines
    Power fist
    Melta gun
    Missile Launcher

    Tactical Squad: 245
    kit same as other squad


    Assault Marines: 245
    10 marines
    Power fist
    2x Plasma Pistols


    Vindicator 1xx points

    Predator w/ all las cannons: 165 points

    Predator w/ all las cannons: 165 points

    Total: 1750 points, 48 models


    Drop pod lands, assault marines move up to help with the inevetible charge that will probably happen to the sternguard.

    Librarian uses gate of infinity to teleport around the drop pod, escaping close combat while sternguard blast away with bolters and cleansing fire.

    There is a good chance I will face Imperial Guard or Tyranid for my next match up.
    The Guard player has a few tanks, but I also know he's a bit of a noob so I'm not too worried about him. I have no idea what to expect from the nid player.

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