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    2000+ Friendly All Comers

    Ok heres what im running at 2000 points, I know it's not perfectly streamlined for competition but I like to play it as it is.
    Tactics: paladins and GM either slog it or deep strike to vital positions of attack, then i can either blitz the purifers in rhinos to the frontline or objectives whilst dreads catch up; or can move purifers, razorbacks and dreads together with purifiers on foot.
    Could do with adding a couple of strike squads to slog it or deep strike and couple of stormravens to carry a couple of dreads, paladins and GM, and deliver some multi-melta AV devastation, will add them when I can. Any advice or criticism appreciated.

    HQ 1: 260 points
    Grand Master
    storm bolter
    rad grenades
    blind grenades
    psybolt ammunition

    HQ 2: Crowe

    Elites 1: 700 points
    10 Paladins
    2 Psycannons
    2 Incinerators
    1 Apothecary
    1 Banner Bearer
    2 hammers
    7 Halberds

    Troops 1, 2 and 3:
    5 Purifiers
    1 hammer
    2 halberds
    2 Psycannons
    Mounted in a Razorback

    2 razorbacks have lascannons = 2 x 245 = 490 points
    1 has a heavy bolter = 195 points

    3 Dreads: 135 x 3 = 405 points
    2 with Autocannons and psybolt munition
    1 with assault cannon-autocannon, psybolt munitions

    Would have given GM a sword but cant be bothered to convert it and when he joins a squad he's covered anyway. Same with paladins, would have had four psycannons but only 2 in the box and im lazy.
    I find the chapter banner and apothecary to be great additions to the paladin squad but i couldnt tell you if they truly make up their points cost. With the apothecary small arms dont scratch the paladins and chapter banner makes them serious killers in CC. Just watch for big guns that push you onto your invulnerables.
    Psycannons are awesome, especially with psybolts against marines, power armour troopers drop like flies and terminators are forced to make invulnerables, effective stuff.

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    Alrighty I'll go top down I guess. I don't know how you calculated the points on the grandmaster - the equipment you listed comes to 205 points, your off by 55 unless your not telling us something. In any case, drop the psybolt ammunition and blind grenades (not many opponents will rush to assault him). Consider doing the conversion to a sword on your GM too.

    Paladins are equipped decently, I hope you are going to combat squad them as they will be prime targets for ordnance blasts all bunched together. You may want to consider giving 1 paladin a sword so he can at least offer a 4+ inv save in CC to the squad

    Once again with your points, the purifiers are off. 5 man squads in las razorbacks should cost 229 pts and 194 for the heavy bolter one.

    The dreads are fine.

    This army comes to 2112 points which is kind of a weird number. Either shave 2112 points or boost it to 2500 to fit into popular brackets (unless you friends are cool with this as is).
    Tau my love! You are back!

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