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    1750 Codex Marines, Two flavors of Terminators with some TACs...


    I am getting ready for a small local event next month, and want to show of some of my models that I just painted, or will paint over the next 3 weeks. The list might not be the best, but I wanted to include Assault Terminators, my new Crusader and Libby that I am just starting to paint. I only have three Rhinos and not enough TACs to have more of them on the table, so this is why the rest of the list looks the way it does. I have other models though, so some changes are possible. Viable?

    1750 Pts - 11 Terminators

    HQ: Chaplain Cassius (1#, 125 pts) goes with
    Elite: 5 Assault Terminators in a Crusader with extra MMelta (6#, 460 pts)

    Troops: Tactical Squad (11#, 235 pts) – Melta, MLauncher, PFist in a Rhino
    Troops: Tactical Squad (11#, 230 pts) – Flamer, MLauncher, PFist in a Rhino

    HQ: Librarian (1#, 140 pts) in Terminator armor with SShield (Powers: Gate and Machine Curse) goes with
    Elite: 5 Terminators with MLauncher (would like AssCannon instead) (5#, 230 pts)

    Fast Attack: 2 Attack Bikes with MMeltas (2#, 100 pts) (could separate them too)
    Heavy Support: Vindicator (1#, 115 pts)
    Heavy Support: Vindicator (1#, 115 pts)

    23x 3+ Models, 11x 2+ Models, 5 Tanks, 39 Models total.

    Thank you!!!

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    Personally I think the Cyclone ML is better on the terminators. More versatile and, in my opionion, more effective against most targets. And you can keep the storm bolter with it.

    This list should do pretty good, it has a good balance. I like it. Might be a little low on troops for objectives so protect those tactical marines. Let me know how it does as I've had a similar list in mind.
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