Right I've got a mini tournie amongst friends tomorrow and was wondering if anyone could give me a hand at short notice. I'm a little rusty on my guard which is embarassing considering how much I used to post in the guard section so this list may not quite be optimal.

I'll be fighting against a guard+wolves army and a guard+deamons army and also a guard and eldar list.

So far I'm taking

company command

platoon command 3x grenade launchers
sqd1 missile grenade
sqd2 missile grenade

vets x10 3x melta

Valkyrie (lascans)

pask in an exterminator with full hb's
russ lascan and hb's
russ lascan and hb's

that leaves me 190 points ish
I might do melta bombs on my vets as I do like the added use, also I was thinking about chimeras and sentinels.

So any thoughts?