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    Death Korps of Krieg 500pt Army

    Hi everyone (hoping i'm posting in the right section because DKOK is technically imperial guard)

    Been gettin my jollies off watching Jin-Roh (anime movie that MUST be watched) and inspiration has hit me for a DKOK army (small and built slowly over time).

    The rules can be found on the FW website (or just google it), so maybe a quick skim before any criticisms or comments.

    Okay, here we go:

    -melta grenades
    -reg standard
    -carapace armor
    = 115

    Gren Sqd 1
    -extra 5 men
    -2 flamers

    Eng Sqd 1
    -Melta Grenades
    -Mole Launcher
    -2 Additional Men
    = 95

    Eng Sqd 2
    -melta grenades
    -mole launcher
    -2 additional men

    TOTAL: 500pts

    this is just a rough outline of my army type, relying kinda heavy on armor to help when i got no vehicles for support. Using the CCS autocannon to help pick off and my eng squads to rush to objectives. The meltas are for anti-tank work (they got frag/krak already) and the mole launcher is purely anti-infantry. The grenadiers squad moves to pick off men in close quarter firefights using hotshot lasguns and flamers, moving for assaults when possible.

    Please leave some comments and criticisms

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    Although your list is okay, it has some fundamental flaws. The major one being anti-tank. You did mention Melta bombs, but realistically it is a single roll on the damage chart IF you get into combat with a vehicle, unreliable at best. Your single Autocannon may kill a transport over the length of the game, 2 transports at a stretch and it will be targeted.

    I don't take Mole Launchers in my engineer squads because i am usually moving, rendering them useless. Likewise, Vox Casters on these units are a waste of points. The reason being only 3 orders are applicable: Re-roll cover saves, Move and Incoming. None of those are worth wasting an order on a squad for. In my 500 point Krieg army i run with a single Engineer squad stock standard.

    I would strongly recommend dropping your second Engineer Squad and taking an Infantry Platoon instead. Krieg Infantry Platoons are amazing, so is the ability to place 3 HWT's in a squad. I'll refer to my list once again, i have 2 Infantry Squads, each including 3 Autocannons. This way i have 6 protected Autocannons that can easily be made twin-linked through the most useful order.

    Of course, if you were to include a Platoon, you need to shave a few points. 35 points can be taken from the Engineer Squad. Your CCS also has unnecessary upgrades, namely Melta bombs and Carapace Armour. Thats another 25. If you are keen on the Grenadiers, thats fine, but i would leave them at a 5-man squad. Meltas are also a much better use of their special weapon slots, Flamers 'waste' their BS of 4. A Vox on these guys is also fine. This should give you the points you need to add a Platoon w/ accompianing Heavy Weapons, be they Lascannons or Autocannons.

    Lastly, this is just my personal preference, but i use a Twin-linked Heavy Stubber on my CCS. My anti-tank is covered so an Autocannon is not needed and IMHO a TL Heavy Stubber is better than a Heavy Bolter + it looks cooler. The Flamers you lose on the Grenadiers can be used on your PCS, as they are only BS 3.

    Of course, you can disregard all of that and thats fine . If you do, you always have other anti-tank options such as the Medusa Siege Gun, 100 points for a S 10, AP 2 Large Blast that doesn't need LOS, yes please! The Vanquisher is also good, more so than the Imperial Codex counterpart, largely due to the Co-axial Heavy Stubber. The Demolisher is another versatile unit capable of tageting vehicles, as well as the humble Battle Tank and Earthshaker artillery piece, although the Medusa is much better for only another 25 points.

    Sorry, that was a little longer than i intended, but i hope some of it helped!
    Last edited by xDETHx Turtle; July 3rd, 2011 at 10:18.

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