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    My Imperial Guard Offensive force

    1st Platoon Command 50 Inside Vendetta
    2 melta guns
    2nd Platoon Command 50 Outflanking (Givin Scouts by Creed)
    2 melta guns
    Infantry 6 squads 300 Dismounted, Hold Position and Survive until reinforcement
    Lascannon squad 105 Reserves
    Auto Cannon Squad 75 Supports Infantry
    PSYKER Battle Squad 110 Backs up Infantry
    Vendetta 130 Deep Striking
    Vendetta 130 Deep Striking
    TOTAL FOR 1200 Game 1195
    Hydra 75 Behind Dismounted Infantry
    Total FOR 1300 Game 1270

    Chimera 55
    Vetrans Heavy Bolter 80
    Lord Commisar PowerFist 85
    Total for 1500 Game 1490

    The idea here is to distract the enemy with the large blob of infantry,
    the hydra and the Psyker until they have most of their forces on the table.
    After they have come in i plan to bring Marbo in nearest the biggest concentration
    of their Vehicles and Demo charge it. I often fight Daemon armies so i want to be able to
    use the Vendetta's and their troopers to drop in and hopefully cause irreprable dammage to
    the forces they have before reinforcements can come in. Any tips on deployments of swapping out of units?

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    No offense intended, but it's difficult to read your list.

    It would be helpful to those wanting to comment on the list, if you could post it in a similar fashion as the other army lists on these forums.

    Typically, the army list is posted and below that is the tactics intended.

    I did notice that you mention both Creed and Marbo in your tactics, but do not include them in your army list. Are they future considerations or part of a separate list?

    I hope this helps.
    General Van Rensaler
    Commander of the Cadian 713th
    "The Sledgehammer of the Emperor"

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