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Thread: 1000 point IG

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    Junior Member Abrb's Avatar
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    Jun 2011
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    1000 point IG

    Command Squad - 170 points Total
    4x Plasma Guns
    Melta Bombs on Company Commander
    Chimera with Hull Heavy Flamer and Multilaser


    Veteran Squad - 155 points Total
    3x Meltaguns
    Chimera with Hull Heavy Flamer and Multilaser

    Veteran Squad - 200 points Total
    3x Plasma Guns
    Chimera with Hull Heavy Flamer and Multilaser

    Fast Attack
    Hellhound - 145 points Total
    Hull Multi Melta

    Heavy Support
    Demolisher - 165 points Total
    Hull Heavy Flamer

    Leman Russ Battle Tank - 165 points Total
    Hull Lascannon

    So, the general Idea for this list is that i get my demolisher battletank to absorb most of the shots with their front av 14 while the chimeras and hellhound run around killing things, in objective type missions the plasma vet squad sits in their chimera at the edge of an objective trying to get shots off at any enemy trying to contest the middle. Ive ran this list twice so far once vs Tyranids and once vs a grey knights army, both got obliterated, in both my mvp was the hellhound, popping transports and mowing down gaunts spawned from a tervigon is very fun. the demolisher and battle tank honestly go well together, moreso than two demolishers or two battle tanks would perform, or atleast from my experience, thought neither is lacking in any aspect I just think that having a beefier Demolisher that kills tanks and heavy infantry along with light with the heavy flamer and a battle tank that puts wounds on MCs and withers away MEQs. Also, the Grenadiers upgrade for Plasma Vets is more than worthwile, in the game vs Grey Knights I counted 5 times the 4+ save saved me a plasmagun AND it protects from bolters and a veriety of other things, honestly 3 points per model, its very good. The Melta bombs on the company commander are just a filler for 5 points i had leftover.

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    Senior Member Mad Cat's Avatar
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    HQ: Decent, sometimes I like to stick with the hull HB on plasma armed passengers as the transport can stay static if the plasma guns are firing at above 12" range.

    Troops: Good designs. I would ditch carapace and just stay in the tank. Overheats are bad but not worth spending all those points to try and mitigate. It would be nice to have a third troop choice as 20 guardsmen are reasonably easy to kill.

    Fast: OK, get smoke on it if you can.

    Heavy: Put the hull lascannon on the demolisher as the AP fits the main gun bettter. It is good to fire a demolisher against tanks and termies and the hull lascannon is better here. I would ditch the standard russ for a third troop choice. When you expand to 1500 you can get the second tank back.
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    I'm with mad-cat on this... when you go for quality vs quantity with the Guard they tend to fall apart...

    I'd pull the CCS plas for 4 meltas...

    pull the vets plas for 3 meltas and grenadiers for the melta bombs and demo charge...

    lose the demolisher and strip the leman rus lascannon...

    add another vet squad with meltas in a chim...

    leaves you with 65 points for Marbo? or a Scout Sentinel w/autocannon & HKM and a lascannon for the russ if you want...

    the bottom line is what Mad-cat said... you need more troop choices on the field

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