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    Ard Boyz mech guard


    CCS with Creed, 3x plasma, astropath, and chimera w/HHF


    PCS (al'Rahem), with 4x melta, and chimera w/HHF

    INF with flamer, chimera w/HHF

    INF with flamer, chimera w/HHF

    INF with flamer, chimera w/HHF

    PCS, chimera w/HHB

    INF with autocannon, chimera w/HHB

    INF with autocannon, chimera w/HHB

    INF with autocannon, chimera w/HHB

    Fast Attack:

    Hellhound with HHF

    3x scout sentinel with 1x autocannon

    3x armored sentinel with lascannons

    Heavy Support:

    2xDemolisher with 1xHHB, 1xHLC (outflanking)

    2x LRBT w/HLC

    2x Griffon

    Obviously, there's som curious kit there...like one lascannon in a 2x demolisher squadron...that's cause this is made with models on hand, all of them save one of the griffons painted and ready to game (not that paint matters at ard boyz).

    I will do some minor tweaks (frintsance, only three of my chimmys have HHF, but this list has five, so that's two hull weapon mount swops in my immediate future), so that sort of suggestion is welcome (if I drop the one demo lascannon, what do I spend the points on, if I on the other hand add a second one, where do I get the points? If I put a second HHB (or two HHFs) on the demolishers, I guess I could go pure autocannons on the scout sentinels, for example, and still have five points to buy smoke for the hellhound. As for other models, I do have another hellhound and a metric butt-ton more infantry (very few special weapons, though, other than a ton of flamers, and no more autocannons, although every other type of heavy is plentiful). I could see myself perhaps adding some foot infantry (even flamer special weapons squads) to al rahem's platoon, or heavy weapons squads or more infantry squads to the other platoon...or even adding sly marbo...if I added dismounted infantry, I might consider the color sergeant to make creed's orders go off on LD10...

    *my limitations in terms of special and heavy weapons are more or less permanent...all 223 of my infantry are the old metal cadians...so additional autocannons/meltas/whatever would be hard to find and hideously expensive...when meltagunners, for example, do show up on ebay, it's at $15+ appiece!

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