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    Campaign - Single FOC slot type battle

    Hi folks,

    Got an interesting proposition for you. Our group is running a campaign and the first mission is a crash landing type mission. The story is that one of the convoys got hit by marauders and one transport crashes into a planet. The kicker is that before the mission begins, there's no telling what "container" got dropped.

    The fluff here is that we have a 500 point battle, while only being able to use one type of FOC slot (meaning you get either only HQ, only elites, etc).

    We'll roll before the mission begins, to see what we've got coming.

    So, I could use some help coming up with lists for each of the FOC slots for an Imperial Guard army. Now there are no restrictions on the number of slots available, so I could techincally have 5 HQs or 6 Fast Attack.

    This is a very different mission than normal, so I'm open to any outside the box thinking.

    I'll post my HQ only army to see if anyone has any thoughts.

    CCS - 4 melta, Chimera

    CCS - 4 plasma, Chimera

    CCS - 3 Grenade launchers, Chimera

    Primaris Psyker

    500 points total

    I'd appreciate any feedback or guidance.

    General Van Rensaler
    Commander of the Cadian 713th
    "The Sledgehammer of the Emperor"

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    You could drop the psyker for plasma or melta guns on the company command squad with the grenade launchers. Also if you got rid of the chimeras and gave the squads master of ordnance and camo cloaks that might work.

    I would deep strike storm troopers squads with plasma or melta guns.

    Infantry Platoons with autocannons in the infantry squads.

    Fast Attck
    Armored Sentinels with plasma cannons

    Heavy Support
    Medusas are cheap for a tank and are powerful at strength 10.

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