One day I was reading the 'Battle for Antax' story in the BA codex and I thought to myself, I want my army to fight like that. But no one likes losing so here's my attempt at comptetive(ish) army based around the short story.


Reclusiarch 145pts
- infernos pistol


Brother Corbulo 100pts


10x Death Company 230pts
- thunder hammer

Death Company Dreadnought 135pts
- heavy flamer, blood talons

10x Tactical Squad 185pts
- plasmagun, plasmacannon

Heavy Support

Devastator Squad 160pts
-2x lascannon, 2x Missle launcher

Storm Raven Gunship 215pts
- extra armor,tl plasma cannons, tl multi melta

SO that leaves me with 330pts left over to make a 1500pt list. What you guys think I should take to round out my army? I want to keep the concept of the death company charging in form reserve or deepstrike to hopefully turn the tide of the battle(s). So i was thinking of maybe another tactical squad and a long range dread.