I noticed that there's another deathwing ard boyz list posted, and I skimmed the initial post, but not the comments...I disagree with a lot of the list poster's philosophy, and my army list reflects that...the most successful list I ever ran consisted of nothing but termies, bikes, and dreads...they aren't as "flimsy" as advertised. 40k is a game of rock-paper-scissors, and bikes answer many of the threats that eat termies and/or dreads for lunch...like, just for one relatively rare example, harlies. Anyway, here's my list, I don't pretend to have all the answers, and would welcome some feedback.


Belial (with APO upgrade and TLC)

Interrogator Chaplain on bike


Venerable Dreadnought with TLAC and HF


Deathwing squad 1 with 3xTH/SS, Apothecary (SB/PF), and TH/SS/CML (belial goes here)

Deathwing squad 2 with 2xSB/PF, SB/CF, SB/PS, and AC/PF

Deathwing squad 3 with 3xTLC, SB/CF, HF/PF

Deathwing squad 4 with HF/PF, 3x SB/PF, TLC

10xTac squad with flamer and PF

Fast Attack:

6xRavenwing with 2x melta, PF, attack bike with MM


Heavy Support:



2500 on the nose.

Obviously, there'd be a sanity check before each game based on enemy order of battle and the specifics of the mission, but the general idea is that belial goes with squad one for a pretty nasty deathstar, and the interrogator chaplain joins the bike squadron on turn one to give them a little melee "oomph." Squads 1, 2, and 4 go in reserve, while squad 3 and the tactical squad go inside crusaders. The bike squadron deploys where it is in DWA reach of the place I think I'm going to want to drop my DWA squads, while the attack bike disregards potential beacon duties and deploys to go after a melta-deserving target. Before turn one, the bikes scout towards the DWA drop zone while leaving a "tail" to allow the chappy to get within coherency on turn one. Squad 4, being in reserves and NOT DWAing, may actually walk on the board if there's an objective within walking distance for them to sieze. The two scoring crusaders surge upfield in the wake of the ravenwing, ferrying a second wave, while the vennie pops transports with his autocannon as he advances in the rear. The tornado stays in reserve to either hose down a weakened unit (in a KP game) with seven shots, resulting in, at worst, a 1-1 KP swop, or, in an OBJ game, to contest or clear the enemy off of an objective later in the game in a KP game.

The list is extremely agressive, designed to dump as much elite hardware as humanly possible into the enemy deployment zone as fast as humanly possible, making it difficult, if not impossible, for him to venture out in search of objectives to claim. I count eight bikes and eleven terminators in his deployment zone on turn one, and two loaded land raiders touching its front edge on turn two. Pretty much my whole army (2000/2500 points) is in his lap the first two turns, and pretty much none of it is easy to kill (fast stuff is usually pretty flimsy)