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    1500 Flesh Tearers Rough Draft

    Slowly building my second army and trying to flesh out some of my ideas. Currently my plan is, AC frenzy with a bit of close combat support.
    Seth - 160
    Librarian W/ Might and Lance - 100

    Sang Priest x2 - 100

    DC x 7 w/ TH and drop pod - 205
    Assault squad 1 x 5 w/ melta, TH, Razorback w/ TLAC - 195
    Assault squad 2 x 5 w/ melta, PF, Razorback w/ TLAC - 190
    Assault squad 3 x 5 w/ melta, PF, Razorback w/ TLLC - 190

    Fast Attack
    Baal Pred w/ EA, TLAC and HB sponsons - 160
    Attack Bike w/ MM - 50

    Heavy Support
    Pred w/ EA, AC and LC sponsons - 150

    Total -1500

    Seth will attach with the AS 2, Sang Priests in AS 1 & 3, Lib with DC. AC RBs and Baal Pred will work on opening up transports while moving forward. Pred and LC RB will try and pop slightly tougher targets and Pred will hang back. Attack bike will hide behind RBs until it can zip out and pop real tough targets. DC and Lib will pod down behind or parallel to enemy line. Lib will unleash lance trying to catch as much rear armor/ infantry as possible, after that he will Might the DC in assaults, or would Unleash Rage be a better route?
    Main worry here is AV 14 is going to hurt either taking to long to get to, or way to many shots. Lib can be great support, but would two more AB w/ MM be better support? I really like the fluff side of this list, lots of rending and in your face action with low numbers. Just don't know if it will hold up all that well.

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